by Scott Moles

Qadosh Kingdom Movement

qkm_holdingpage2_final-qkm yhwh copyc  Our name, Qadosh Kingdom Movement, reveals the concept of who we are:

“Qadosh” is a Hebrew word meaning holy, sacred (ceremonially or morally); (as noun) God (by eminence), an angel, a saint, a sanctuary:–holy (One), set apart, distinct, consecrated and different.

“Kingdom” means the reign, rule and realm of a sovereign king. In reference to our Heavenly Father, Yahuwah, it speaks of His ways, patterns, culture, law, order, designs, intent, plans and purposes; the fullness of His will having total influence, governance and dominance over all the affairs of creation.

“Movement” means a community and organisation formed to provoke a revolutionary change in the order of this world. A movement operates by its own ethos and establishes multi-faceted operations to advance its mission.

Qadosh Kingdom Movement (QKM) is a non-denominational, cross-generational, multifaceted and global apostolic movement on the forefront of a holy revolution in this generation and generations to come.

Qadosh Kingdom Movement


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