by Scott Moles

Ignite 2016 The series


This is a series of visions I had which was not in order of time or paintings ,Its only when I started to piece together the images the revelation happened,Life is a journey and an adventure  waiting to happen we just need to step into it,with faith and praise in our spirit . 



1# Broken Vessel

We have to be in a place where God can work on us, its as simple as that.If we are living in two worlds 

we can not be fit for purpose ,our minds and hearts will have a conflict of interest good or bad ,

we need to step of one and into the other ,the other being the Kingdom culture dropping anything

we stops us falling on ours knee and crying for forgiveness and guidance .

2 # The healing room

The vision I received for this image was one of humbling ourselves and  bending in his presence.

This became a place of healing ,restoration and cleansing. First our spirit and mind needs to be

fully emptied of all the past, before we can be completely restored  with the oils of heaven pouring

down on us .   


My Heart is yours


3# My heart is yours.

When you receive the restoration and the in filling of the holy spirit ,you will start living a life in HD !

people,situations and life itself will have a totally different feel and vibe ,you will feel and sense in ways you never thought possible

your mind will be able to filter what is spirit lead and what is not as you study the word of God the words will become alive ,often very personal to your situation .You will gain patience and peace in your heart the longer you spend in his presence.strongholds will start to fall away right in front of you and you will gain confidence like never before.   

4# The authority in your hand!

Once the ignition switch ha been  handed to you it will be hard not to push it !! This is the Holy spirit releasing glory into your life 

which will have an effect on everything around you, your family and friends will see something in you thay will not be able to explain

questions will be asked ”you seem different” and all for the better !! 


The authority in your hand!


Dwell in the presence


5# Holding the light

As you grow closer to God and gain a greater knowledge of his word ,the Holy spirit will start to prepare you for the work and purpose God has planned out for you ,building a foundation and authority in your spirit, this will be challenging and at times you will need to refocus and rely on the word God planted in your heart at the beginning ,but do not fear we serve an all powerful God that no one can defeat!! 

6# All I freely give

Everything you receive and have is a gift from God to use to bring his children back to the kingdom to find salvation and build a relationship with the father ,these gifting could be in many forms but used wisely can be the connecting blocks to share the Gospel .

This could be as simple as sharing a meal with someone which will opening a door way to show the love of Jesus to them.

Showing Gods Love first is to me the most important you can do ,and is the  foundation of any relationship,because trust and honesty will follow ,but be mindful and considerate that what is shares is in confidence.


I freely give


7# So Shine your light!!!

This is your time to stand and be a light for all the nations to see , to share the Gospel in spirit and truth.To be fearless and full of love as Jesus was ,the time is now  and we need to know the importance of showing a compassionate heart and a loving spirit first before anything else !!!